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Friday, July 25, 2014

Welcome CZT XV!

Please join us in welcoming the Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZT) from our 15th seminar:

Once more, the phenomenon that Zentangle attracts really nice people proved itself again. It is such a privilege for all of us to meet and get to know such amazing artists.

And so begins our CZT XV Welcome Newsletter.

Here are larger images of the seminar images in that newsletter.

Fun in the Hotel Providence lobby:

Many Zentangle creations were on display:

Laura Harms, aka "The Diva" of iamthedivaczt blogging fame told her story one evening. Laura, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in Canada, is a CZT. She attended our third seminar.

Her blog (in the unlikely chance that you aren't familiar with it) offers a Zentangle challenge each Monday. It is a widely followed, award winning blog that has developed into a forum for wonderful art and a supportive community.

Laura had us alternately laughing and crying as she shared her life story and how it interwove with Zentangle.

Laura Harms, CZT (and Diva!)

Group Collaborative

Thank you, and welcome, CZTs of Seminar XV !

Click images for larger views.

You can find a list of Certified Zentangle Teachers HERE.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thank you!

To our wonderfully passionate artists, our sincere gratitude.

We savored reading all the comments on our "10 Years . . . Wow!" blog post. Over this past week, we read them aloud to each other . . . sometimes at the end of a busy day outside on our front yard . . . sometimes as our day began over a cup of coffee. What a heart-touching treasure. We are so grateful.

When we ran our random number generator, there were 447 posts from which to choose!

So, the first 10 names who get a print of our new

"Anything Is Possible One Stroke at A Time" signed print are:
  • Karen Silvester (430)
  • Beth Brooks (388)
  • Marcia Campbell (260)
  • Alisha Christian (293)
  • David Nelson (145)
  • Jeannie (334) 
  • Dorian (161)
  • Ashley (143)
  • Tracey (60)
  • Merlady (216)
However, with 447 comments we couldn't just do one group of ten. So we had to pick 10 more names.  This second group of ten will get a "Zentangle Keepsake Box" with some Zentangle ATC tiles inside.
  • Courtney (339)
  • Carmen Burgos (199)
  • Pat Floerke (419)
  • Betsy Smith (184)
  • Staci (46)
  • Lynnita Knoch (64)
  • Lisa Osborne (266)
  • Katie C. (337)
  • Linda H. (432)
  • "ibjpski" (99)
If you are on this list, please email your mailing address to info@zentangle.com. Please put "Zenth Giveaway" in the subject line so we can find it more easily.

Again, thank you. Thank you. And, thank you.

We love you all and look forward to the next ten years being way more exciting than the last. Is that even possible???

Well,  you know what they say,  "Anything is possible . . . ."


Rick and Maria

Friday, July 18, 2014

Welcome CZT XIV !

Please join us in welcoming the Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZT) from our 14th seminar:

We are thrilled and honored that these talented and passionate people traveled to Providence, RI, to learn, share and make friends from all the world. With this seminar, there are now CZTs in three new countries: Singapore, Spain and Switzerland.

The creativity and excitement was abuzz as these Zentangle artists arrived at Hotel Providence.

And so begins our CZT XIV Welcome Newsletter.

We include larger images of the pictures here from that newsletter so that you can view them more clearly, and also leave comments.

Enjoying a group mosaic

Admiring a class project with Renaissance Tiles

Posing with the lobby art and . . .

. . . our welcome sign

The weather was perfect and we could eat all our meals outside if we wanted.

Many students brought their creations to share.

And everyone contributed to this beautiful group collaboration.

Thank you, and welcome, CZTs of Seminar XIV !


Visit yesterday's "Zentangle 10th Anniversary" blog post and leave a comment for a chance to win a print of a new Zentangle original!

Click images for larger views.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ten Years . . . Wow!

We can hardly believe that it has been 10 years since our first public Zentangle class.

The days, weeks and months . . . and years! . . . just seem to zip by . . . all in a revery of excitement and gratitude.

We are both surprised and not so surprised by the shear magnitude of spectacular art created by artists around the world using the Zentangle method.

We are thankful for the strong Zentangle community that has grown around us. Thank you each and every one, artists all, for your support, friendship and encouragement that has enabled us to continue our journey.

In celebration, we will be giving gifts to some lucky commenters on this blog post. After one week, we will randomly choose 10 names and send each person a signed print of this anniversary original we created and will release publicly soon.

We will announce the names on July 24, 2014.

Thank you from our tangled hearts. We love you all.

Rick & Maria, and the staff at Zentangle Central

We taught our first public Zentangle class at the annual meeting of the International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting (IAMPETH) in Providence, RI, July 17, 2004. There happened to be an astrologer in the front row. When she heard it was our first class, she noted the time and later sent us a chart. She said that Zentangle would grow slowly and steadily, and that it would benefit people all over the world. Sweet memories.

Appropriate to our tenth anniversary, an important addition recently agreed to join our Zentangle staff and will help a lot with this blog. We look forward to posting more frequently. Introductions to follow shortly!

Happy "Zenth" Anniversary!



Sunday, May 4, 2014

Turn up the volume!

Maria writes:
I have to say, I never had a thing for "Perfection."

Not that I am not tidy or conscientious or the least bit lazy . . . though I am learning not to work as many hours as I have in the past.

Perfection, to me, always had a "boringness" to it, like the perfect apple or the perfect Christmas tree. ( I'd choose the Charlie Brown tree every time.) And so, with art. The paintings that so attracted me were portraits of people who had something of a distinguishingness to them -- maybe a wart; or a crooked tooth; or a non-symmetrical face . . . something to remember (or admire).

So, what's this all about? I think "perfect" is over-rated and it would be best if it was banished from the vocabulary of the arts. Art, like nature, is most beautiful in its imperfections . . . always having that some little thing that caused a bit of tension . . . just a bit.

Just think, if DaVinci lived today . . . perhaps we'd be stuck with a face plumped with so much plastic surgery . . . instead of the Mona Lisa. But I digress . . . .

Let's remember this when we create our Zentangle tiles. Embrace their imperfections. Let them take us to a place unexpected. Admire our singularities. Learn from our every stroke. Have confidence in the fact there is always another tile, another tangle.

I read an article in the "Huffpost" that got me thinking about this.  I think the whole 3 1/2" format allows artists of all kinds to experience the luxury of experimenting with lots of works of art, instead of the excruciatingly painful large piece you never get to finish.

Have fun.

Do it again.

Do more.

Admire your efforts.

Take joy in what you have created.

Share your art with others. They will be impressed.

Give your art to others. They will be grateful.

When the day is done and you look at your art, always smile. This sounds silly, but it works every time. Your eyes will see it in a different light. And the smile will become real.

Rick adds:
Maria was out this week and saw an ad in a magazine, grabbed her blank book and . . .

That shape is so resonant with the fiddleheads coming up in our front yard:

I love the imperfection and volume of nature. Imagine if trees only decided to make as many seeds as they knew would become trees. There would be no trees! Imagine if artists only decided to create (perfect) masterpieces. There would likely be no art!

Imperfections themselves can be wonderful inspirations. Whether it's a tangle done "wrong" or a stain on a chopping board that perhaps otherwise would not have been tangled:

Although once Maria got started, she (naturally) tangled the other side, too. :-)

If you haven't already, do take a moment to read the article linked above as it will tie all this together.

 Click images for larger views.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


This morning, still chilly enough that yesterday's snow remained unmelted in the shadows, we were delighted to find in our front yard . . .

Perhaps they inspired these mushrooms to grow nearby in the slowly softening soil:

Carefully collecting these, along with a fresh daffodil . . .

We brought them inside to appreciate each one . . .

. . . as we enjoy this change of seasons.


Materials used:
  • Blown out chicken eggs, wooden eggs, papier-mâché eggs
  • Sakura® Micron® pen
  • Sakura® IDenti®-pen
  • Graphite pencil
  • Mod Podge® varnish
  • Eggs: Molly Hollibaugh
  • Mushrooms: Maria Thomas
  • Let your ink dry before you touch it.


And the winner of our CBS Sunday Morning Show mail-in is . . .

Jean Theurkauf

Congratulations, Jean!

We'll be sending you this gratitude prize shortly.

Thank you to all who played along! If you haven't already, take a look at this blog entry to appreciate the wonderful contributions and creativity.

Click images for larger views and take a look outside some early morning. You never know what surprises you'll see!

Monday, March 31, 2014

CBS' Sunday Morning

[Updated April 7 12:12 PM EST with new contributions.]

In this blog we share the entries that people sent to CBS' Sunday Morning program.

You can read about this adventure in this newsletter.

You can either post a link to the art and envelope you sent in the comments below or, you can email an image to rickandmaria@zentangle.com and we'll add it to this blog for all to see.

In a couple weeks, we'll pick one of you at random to receive a thank you gift that we (Rick and Maria) will create for you.

We don't know where this will go, but it's a fun excuse to create some Zentangle art!

Thank you!

This will be fun.

Here are some early samples:

We'll continue to add more and more. Can't wait to see yours!

Mary K:

Barb M.

 Catherine L.

Randall T.

Laurel S. writes:

Dear Mr. Osgood and Friends,

We, myself and many others,  hope you will feature the Zentangle* method of drawing on Sunday Morning. 

I have been a fan of the show since the early days of“On the Road” with that other beloved Charles.  I am nowretired and thoroughly enjoying my experience of tangling.

Discovery of the freedom of creativity unbound has helped me experience “the zone” without suffering the angst most artists and writers must go through to get there.

My family and friends keep saying, “You did this?” Sometimes I even get treated like an artist, aka: with respect.

Happiness floats!  Zentangle* spreads.  Why not help?

and sends . . .

Gotta run for now . . . will keep updating this blog entry. LOT'S more to do!

Chris T.

Susan B.

Jackie H. writes

Last December I bought a Zentangle book and was fascinated by it.  In January this year I saw a Zentangle workshop advertised, and thought it would be a fun so I talked a friend into going with me.
In my need for creativity I have always added my own creative flair in what I have done, searching for the creative aspect of what ever I was doing, to find some fulfillment. Along the way time for artistic creativity fell by the wayside. I thought this workshop might be a good way to get drawing again and open up a little creativity.  Give myself a little meditation and quiet time.
I take time during my lunch hour to draw a little. And it has opened up a creativity that I have not found with any other medium. It is allowing me a whimsical creativity I could only envy before.
I have taken a second workshop and am very interested in becoming a certified Zentangle teacher so I can share this with as many others as possible.  But most of all it seems to provide me with an outlet that satisfies  my soul. I share my work on occasion but this work is for me. I cannot express how satisfying these little 'tiles' are. No rules, no boundaries, absolutely open. Zentangle provides sanity for me in a crazy world.
I would love to see a segment on your show about it. 
Thank you, 


Dorian E.

Barb R.

Carole L.

Looks like we may see how big a Blogger entry can be! The more I do, the more we get. Thank you all so much! OK, back to work.

Elaine G.

Sheryl L.

 Anita M.

Mimi L.

Hi R & M~
Here is my tile and note for the Z blog--ready to mail today. What a great idea! I've been a long-time viewer of 'Sunday Morning'-- recording it each week just in case I miss it. Their stories are presented with a blend of integrity and humor--a perfect venue for the two of you, and by association ALL of us--to shine!
Love you both!


Susan C.

Susan B.

Valerie R.

Christine R.

If you don't get yours mailed today, I'm sure it will still contribute to this effort if it goes out in the next few days, as all will likely not arrive at the same time exactly.

Here's some more beautiful . . . it just keeps coming!

Patti S.

Pat M.



Jane A.

Elaine D.

Adele B.

Elaine B.

Cheryl C.

Louise R.

Janet N.

Sharon M.
This was a fun project. So glad we did this.  I am finding myself learning new ways to do Zentangle.  It never fails me to be inspired. Many thanks to Rick and Maria and all the CZTs that have inspired me. 


Ginny S.


Paula E.

Julie E.

Kimberly B.

Genevieve C.

Jennifer S.

Shiryl W.

Joy T.

Dear CBS Sunday Morning --

There is an incredible experience out there waiting for those who are looking for 
a way to express themselves in art;
a way to learn focus and mindfulness;
a way to relax and find a peaceful experience in chaos;
a way to show how joyful life can be.

That is what I found when I found Zentangle.  It has changed my life through the Seminar that certified me as a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher); through the students to whom I have taught this wonderful technique; and through many lovely fellow Tanglers that share their wisdom, experience and art.

I am so thankful for the Zentangle program that Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas have developed.  It is so much more than mere doodling.  I doodled before Zentangle.  As wonderful as that is, Zentangle is very different.  It is meditative and energizing for me.

I am going to be 82 years old this Saturday, and as a birthday gift to myself I am going to another Zentangle Seminar.  The days with Rick, Maria and their marvelous staff, plus all those eager tanglers who also attend is a truly fabulous four days.  I wish I could take CBS Sunday Morning with me.

Joy T.


Kathy B.

Ann G.

Jane M.

Linda K.

Grace M.


Kathy W.

Jane H.


Here is Sofia's note to CBS. Definitely made me cry. Thank you for giving this gift to my family.  We love you. 

Rebecca L.

Trisha B.

Kelley M.

Judy B.

Carolyn T.

Diane L.

Dear Rick and Maria,

I am loving the long picture story being created on the blog, so here is my letter (text below) and my pictures(attached).

The anticipation is a bit hard to wrestle with... :o)

Diane L., CZT

My letter:

April 1, 2014

Dear CBS Sunday Morning,

Are you looking for something new and exciting for a CBS Sunday Morning?  Something which immediately draws you in with one look, then takes a doubtful turn when described to you and then, finally blows your mind when experienced?  If so, take a look at Zentangle...the rest will follow.  

Almost nothing is what it seems in Zentangle - one paradox after another is revealed.   It is like a journey of puzzles opening one's mind, and eyes, the more one practices this mindful,  easy and remarkable art form. 
Many enthusiasts are joining in this Zentangle blitz to CBS - so I will offer a small piece of the story, a few paradoxes:
  • Zentangle looks complicated, yet one quickly realizes it is simple to do.
  • Zentangle looks like it requires great effort, yet one enjoys the relaxing, meditative effects in the first encounter.
  • Zentangles are drawn in a box (a 3-1/2 inch square paper tile), in order to teach one to draw out of the box.
  • Zentangles are taught with structured steps so students learn to abandon that structure and create their own path and patterns.
As an instructor, what has been most compelling about teaching Zentangle is how it allows students to learn traditional drawing skills in a discovery mode.  While following the step by step approach to drawing Zentangle patterns, difficult concepts like depth, contour, scale, etc. are revealed.  Students repeatedly have moments of revelation, or what I like to call "BAM" (Emeril) moments.   The most common complaint I hear from my students is:     

"All my life, I thought it was beyond my ability to draw like this. 
Now you tell me it only take these few strokes!!"

Personally, Zentangle has removed creative walls I never knew existed.  Since learning Zentangle in 2009,  I have never had so much continuous fun in my life!  I hope you will decide to bring Zentangle to your viewers on a Sunday Morning soon, and introduce the possibilities into their lives as well. 

Happy Tangling!
Diane L., Certified Zentangle Teacher

Jean K.

Tricia F.

Lisa R.

Marta D.

Kimberly C.

Sarah H.

Ana R.

Heidi H.

Paula D.

Kathy M.

Tess I.

Deb T.

Mary Ann S.

Thank you all so much for playing and for appreciating these contributions together with us!

We will randomly select one person who emailed us or linked below to receive this first test print of an original that we recently created. Although it won't be a limited edition, it is numbered "001/many" and is signed and remarked. All who emailed, even though we didn't post your contribution (we ran out of time/room) will be in the group.

Put on some tea, get comfortable and click images above for larger views and links below for more enjoyment.